Cornish Lithium aims to establish a strong, sustainable and environmentally responsible extraction industry in the UK for those minerals that can contribute to the global goal of decarbonisation through clean growth and a transition to a green economy.

To deliver this purpose, Cornish Lithium’s strategy centres around four main pillars

Project Identification and Development

Cornish Lithium takes a data driven approach to mineral exploration. Our team acquires, efficiently processes and digitally models data from historic mining archives and modern sources: aerial surveys, satellite imagery, drone data and geological mapping and sampling by our geologists. We are continually expanding our existing data set and building a detailed 3D digital model of the geology, mineralisation and structures of South West England.

Our Intellectual Property lies in these detailed digital models, and our team’s interpretations of these. This enables us to efficiently delineate field and drill targets for testing, and develop projects in a responsible manner.

Innovation and Collaboration

Cornish Lithium uses innovative techniques and digital technology to explore for, discover and ultimately extract lithium and other battery metals.

Close partnerships with industry and academia enable us to stay at the forefront of advances in mineral exploration, extraction and development processes and technologies. We have a close working relationship with local universities: Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter) and the University of Plymouth, as well as other research collaborations nationally. In parallel, industry partnerships in areas such as mineral extraction technologies are allowing us to expedite our project development. We are partners on a range of grant-funded research projects, which enable us to formally collaborate with industry and academia to develop the battery supply chain in the UK and Europe.

Our agreements with mineral rights holders across Cornwall provide us with first mover advantage in the County, and also grant us access to important private mining archive material that helps us to deliver our exploration programme.

Cornish mining has been designated a ‘High Potential Opportunity’ by the Department for International Trade, and we receive strong support from both local and national government.

Clean and Sustainable Growth

As vital components of batteries used for electric vehicles and energy storage, the potential opportunity to extract metals such as lithium, tin and cobalt in Cornwall could represent a significant strategic advantage for the United Kingdom.
These critical metals must be extracted responsibly to ensure the sustainability of our local environment and we believe in investigating innovative techniques to assist in this goal. One such example is the opportunity to co-produce low carbon lithium and renewable energy from geothermal waters.

We aim to incorporate circular economy and systems thinking within our business model in order to maximise the sustainability of our activities and surroundings for the benefit of our stakeholders. As an example of this approach, we are continuously looking at ways of minimising and/or reusing waste.

People and Place

Cornish Lithium is proud to be Cornish and British, and always aspires to act with integrity and transparency. We wish to build a sustainable and responsible extraction industry in Cornwall, for the benefit of the County and wider UK. Our relationship with the local Cornish community is very important to us, and we have an active outreach programme to keep people informed of our progress, and to encourage engagement.

Our business is centred on people: our staff and our community are very important to us, and we strive to look after both responsibly. We recognise that a diverse and talented workforce is a competitive advantage and that the Company’s success is the result of the quality and skills of its people – so we are committed to supporting and developing them.

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