Company announcements

Cornish Lithium: Funding Announcement

Cornish Lithium Ltd. (“the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully raised a further £1 million from its existing investors. These funds will enable the Company to continue its exploration activities in Cornwall and to drill exploratory boreholes to extract samples of lithium bearing brines from key locations: thus testing the deposit model.

Cornish Lithium: Exploration Update

We are pleased to report that our exploration programme is progressing well, and the technical team has now grown to 7 geologists and a digital archivist, all based at our offices in Cornwall. Our focus remains firmly on the excellent potential for extracting lithium from geothermal brines over a large area in Cornwall. The imminent restart of exploration for geothermal power in Cornwall is expected to boost understanding of the subsurface geology and the flow of lithium bearing fluids.

Cornish Lithium Today Announces That it Has Secured a £1 Million Investment from a Group of Highly Experienced Mining and Natural Resources Investors

Cornish Lithium today announces that it has secured a £1 million investment from a group of highly experienced mining and natural resources investors. The funds raised will enable the Company to commence exploration activities on the ground in Cornwall. The initial focus will be to collate all relevant data on lithium occurrences in Cornwall and to assemble this in digital format.

Cornish Lithium Secures Rights to Explore for Lithium in Cornwall

Cornish Lithium, today announces that it plans to explore for, and to potentially develop, lithium contained in underground hot spring brines in Cornwall. The presence of lithium in hot spring brines in Cornwall has been known since the mid-1800s but this was regarded as a curiosity, given there was no developed market for the metal at that time. New technology now offers the potential to extract lithium from these hot spring brines and to supply product to the rapidly growing battery market for electric cars and for power storage.

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