Cornish Lithium Becomes a Reserve Guardian of the Bissoe Valley, in Support of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornish Lithium, the pioneering mineral exploration and development company based at the Tremough Innovation Centre in Penryn, is proud to be a sponsor of Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve for the next year.

Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve sits deep in the Carnon Valley. A region of Cornwall historically renowned for tin and copper mining activities. Its an area once described in the 19th century as ‘the richest square mile anywhere on earth’ and is now part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. Following the closure of an old arsenic works after the Second World War, the site laid derelict until it was landscaped by Cornwall Wildlife Trust to form a Nature Reserve in 1986. At this time the soil was contaminated due to the dumping of waste from the arsenic refinery. After intensive conservation work by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, plant and animal life has flourished with amazing plant and animal species, such as the rare grayling butterfly.

Cornish Lithium established their Lithium in Geothermal Waters Test Site at the United Downs Industrial Estate, which is local to the Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve.  The Company aims to extract lithium in an environmentally responsible manner, and intends to supply the lithium products to the emerging UK battery industry. These products will enable a greener and more sustainable supply chain in the UK, playing a vital role in the energy transition away from fossil fuels. Cornish Lithium recognises the importance of green spaces in reducing carbon emissions and for the wellbeing of the local community.

Rowan Hartgroves, Corporate Partnerships Officer of Cornwall Wildlife Trust said: “We are delighted that Cornish Lithium are supporting our charity as part of our Reserve Guardians scheme. Our reserves play an important role in nature’s recovery in Cornwall, providing spaces for wildlife to thrive and from which they can recover.

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