Cornish Lithium Statement

During Cornish Lithium’s winter 2019/2020 exploration drilling programme for lithium-enriched geothermal waters at United Downs in central Cornwall, an unmapped mineral lode was encountered in hole GWDD-002.

As per the mineral rights agreement that Cornish Lithium signed with Strongbow Exploration (the current owners of the South Crofty mine) in January 2017, Cornish Lithium has the rights to explore for lithium-enriched geothermal waters across Strongbow Exploration’s mineral rights holdings – which extend across various areas throughout the County. Strongbow Exploration retain the rights to any hard rock mineralisation within these areas. The holes drilled during Cornish Lithium’s winter 2019/2020 campaign are located in United Downs, within Strongbow Exploration’s mineral rights. When this mineralised lode was encountered, Cornish Lithium notified Strongbow in order to allow them to evaluate the opportunity it may represent.

Please see Strongbow Exploration’s news release on the discovery for more information (read it here).

Cornish Lithium continues to enjoy a strong relationship with Strongbow Exploration, and is excited about the opportunities that this discovery highlights for the mining industry in Cornwall. Separately, Cornish Lithium are equally encouraged by the results from our exploration drilling programme for lithium in geothermal waters at this site, and are continuing to evaluate the opportunity to extract lithium in this area and elsewhere in Cornwall.

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