Deep Earth Synergies’ Artists-in-Mining Residency: Power from the Blazing Stone, Alexander Augustus

Two worlds were brought together, the arts and science, to collaborate on an innovative project that saw Cornish Lithium and the cross-sectoral arts hub Deep Earth Synergies host a novel artists-in- mining residence to explore the burgeoning lithium industry in Cornwall. Alexander Augustus, a young artist selected in an open call, who specialises in blending digital art with contemporary concepts made a visit to Cornish Lithium’s projects to inspire his latest piece of work.

Deep Earth Synergies and Cornish Lithium put together a series of interdisciplinary workshops, talks and visits to Cornish Lithium’s exploration sites as well as to the ancient, historic mining capital. Alexander was shown both the past mining activity and enormous scale of what was once the richest region in the world. From disused engine houses and lofty granite tors to operating mining pits and lithium extraction facilities the whole spectrum of Cornish mining was explored, both past and present.

Cross-examination of the Cornish Lithium project from a different standpoint has given new insight into the way lithium and mining is seen outside of the familiar. The resulting art piece is a conceptual look at what mining could be in the distant future, and how even then looking back to learn the lessons of historical mining operations is of crucial importance.

This is a look into a utopian future where all our needs and wishes are fulfilled by robotic guardians that advise and guide us, for better or for worse…

Discover more about Deep Earth Synergies’ enthusiastic novel ways of integrating the arts in cross-sectoral interactions in the mining sector.  Watch and listen below to find out more about Alex’s work. Narrated by Cornish actor Ed Rowe.

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