Data-Driven Exploration

Cornwall has a rich mining heritage, with a wealth of information about the subsurface in the form of maps, plans and sections. By digitising these data, and combining them with that from modern sources such as satellite imagery, geophysical data and drone mapping, our technical team has built a 3D digital model of the geology and mineral potential of the region. We are continually adding to our data collection, and building on and refining this 3D digital model – making it a powerful tool for mineral exploration.

Data assembly

  • The Company has assembled a vast archive (+50,000 images) of historical data from public and private sources and is re-assembling this in digital format to model and predict the likely location of mineralisation in the sub-surface

Strong understanding of geology

  • Our team has a strong understanding of geology and mineral exploration which has enabled identification of optimal targets for exploration drilling for lithium and other battery metals

Potentially economic grades

  • Historic and current drilling data supports the presence of potentially economic grades of lithium within geothermal waters in Cornwall
Historical temperature data modelled in Leapfrog 3D geological modelling software.
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