Further details of the proposed work programme for the project are provided in the presentation at the link below and can be found in the project factsheet.

On 3 February 2023 Cornish Lithium announced that it intends to submit a General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) to Cornwall Council for a new exploration project to assess the potential production of lithium from geothermal waters in the vicinity of Blackwater. The proposed new project at Blackwater is part of Cornish Lithium’s strategy to demonstrate Cornwall’s potential to produce lithium from geothermal waters and would be in addition to the Company’s existing portfolio of projects at United Downs, Twelveheads and North Downs.

Following an environmental survey, the Company is requesting the relevant permissions to drill an initial research borehole to a depth of 2,000m (6,560 feet) at the Blackwater site and test the lithium potential of the geothermal waters that flow through its underlying permeable geological structures. If the results of the first borehole are successful Cornish Lithium may  drill a second borehole at the Blackwater site to further evaluate the potential for commercial production.

If the relevant permissions are granted, a six-month drilling programme would commence this spring and the drill rig would mirror the set-up of the Company’s exploration site at Twelveheads, which has yielded promising results.

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