Cornish Lithium are targeting their next lithium in geothermal waters research borehole, in the Twelveheads area of Chacewater, in the first quarter of 2022.  

Why Twelveheads?

To explore for lithium in geothermal waters, we have extensively modelled the geology of Cornwall, to target the most exciting areas.  In 2019 we drilled two successful research boreholes at United Downs, which confirmed that the geothermal waters are enriched in lithium from depths as shallow as 600 m (c. 2,000 ft). To advance our exploration programme and demonstrate the regional prospectivity of Cornwall, we plan to drill an additional research borehole just outside of Twelveheads, that will target permeable structures approximately 1,600 m (c. 5,250 ft) below the surface. From this research borehole, we will recover rock core, which will be analysed and used to identify the location of natural faults in the rock that geothermal waters flow through. An electric pump will be used to obtain water samples from these faults, which will be analysed for their lithium concentration as set out in the illustration below.

We plan to drill our next shallow geothermal waters research borehole in early 2022. The borehole will be drilled using a small mineral exploration drill rig, like the one we used at United Downs in 2019-2020. The programme is expected to last for three months, and we are proposing to work 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Next Steps

We would like to invite members of the Twelveheads community to one of the following venues to introduce our Twelveheads drill programme. At these sessions, we will be providing more information about our proposed lithium in geothermal waters drill campaign and staff will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

22/01/2022 10-1 pm
Twelveheads Methodist Church Hall

27/01/2022 9-11 am
Join us for Coffee and Cake at Bon Appetit

31/01/2022 1-3 pm
Join us for Coffee and Cake at Bon Appetit

02/02/2022 5-8 pm
Crofthandy Village Hall

Geothermal Waters Test Site Open Days

We will also be organising open days at our United Downs Lithium in Geothermal Waters Test Site. We are currently finalising dates for the open days, but will update the website and social media as soon as the dates are confirmed.
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