ESG is at the core of everything Cornish Lithium does. Our purpose is to establish a strong, sustainable and environmentally responsible extraction industry in the UK for those minerals which can contribute to the global goal of decarbonisation through clean growth and a transition to a green economy.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a company. There is an increasing expectation from investors, society and governments that responsible companies will monitor and provide information about how they are approaching issues in these areas.

Cornish Lithium aims to extract lithium in an environmentally responsible manner, and intends to supply the lithium products to the emerging UK battery industry. We believe that our products will enable a greener and more sustainable supply chain in the UK, playing a vital role in the energy transition away from fossil fuels.

Cornish Lithium has an active approach to ESG and has assembled a team to implement its ESG policies as we move into the next phase of development.

Given our active approach to ESG, Cornish Lithium has published it’s inaugural sustainability report which can be downloaded from the link to the right. The report sets out the work we are undertaking to engage with local communities and safeguard the environments in which we operate. We have added significant resource to our ESG team since the start of 2021 and have increased our level of community engagement as our operational activities on both the geothermal and hard rock projects has increased.  As our first sustainability report, this document aims to provide stakeholders with clear insights into our approach regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics as well as our performance to date. Cornish Lithium is currently a private company, but is working towards adhering to the standards of governance and reporting of a listed company.

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2022

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